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Online therapy is the way ahead!

A lovely review from a client I’ve been working with online during this lockdown period, proving that hypnotherapy over Zoom is just as effective and amazing shifts can still be achieved :

“I had four sessions with Libby and we did some extraordinary work. We were able to address a problem I’ve had more or less my entire life. Along the way I had some life changing revelations. Libby is professional and effective, I whole heartedly recommend her.” AK, Colchester

Over the last 6 weeks I’ve come to really enjoy working online with clients in a way that I’d never have believed before all of this craziness.

I have always offered online therapy but as a last resort for those unable to leave their homes. For some this was because of physical issues preventing them from travelling but for most, it was due to them suffering such crippling anxiety that they were unable to make the journey to my office. In these instances we’d work online until they felt well enough to come and see me in person.

Thinking back though, those online sessions were just as successful as face to face sessions - it just never occurred to me to offer hypnotherapy in that way to clients who could physically come to my office, and to be fair, there was no real demand for it. So now there is a demand…well, a requirement at least while we’re all in this mess and I’m glad to say it won’t be something I’ll stop offering when this is all over. I’m seeing just the same breakthroughs, revelations and life long issues resolved as always and I come away from every session feeling just as hyped that someone is making real shifts for the better - and I get to wear my slippers while doing it!

Hurrah for the internet - Where would we be without it right now!

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