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What My Clients Say

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"With your help and guidance over those few short weeks I feel that I have turned my life around and I'm in a more positive place than I can ever remember being. Thank you again Libby."

AM, Colchester

TS, Essex 

“Outstanding Hypnotherapist.    I cannot thank Libby enough. I came to Libby at a very low time in my life and really needed some help with self acceptance, self worth, motivation and my binge eating problem. In just a few sessions I have come such a long long way. I approach things so differently and feel so much happier in my own skin. I have stopped the binge eating and have made enormous strides in tackling jobs I couldn’t have even thought about doing a few months ago. This has made such a huge difference to my life. Libby’s technique and expertise as a hypnotherapist really has been invaluable."

JG, Essex

"Hypnotherapy with Libby has been life-changing! 
I was struggling post-lockdown with insomnia and poor sleep quality generally, largely associated with work pressures. Thanks to Libby, I now sleep so much better, my sleep quality has improved and I no longer stress or ruminate about work!
I would encourage anyone thinking about booking sessions with Libby to do so- I for one, will definitely book further sessions with her, should I ever need to in the future, and cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Katherine, Essex.

“My sessions with Libby were a great help. I was struggling with some anxiety issues and felt like I was slowly unravelling. Libby helped me to gather myself back together and feel grounded again. The sessions where very positive and not at all formal, I left each one feeling lighter and more at peace. Each week felt like another step in the right direction until I arrived in a good place and didn't need any more sessions. I would defiantly recommend it. Many thanks Libby”
"When we first visited Libby, my 15 yr old son had already been suffering from a chronic gastro condition for a year, symptoms included constant nausea and daily vomiting (under GOSH). During that first session my son experienced relief from his nausea. This greatly helped my son cope with his awful chronic condition and strengthened his resolve. Libby was a supporting figure throughout. Easily contactable for advice between sessions. After each session my son improved both physically and mentally all thanks to Libby's help. Libby is mentioned in my son's medical notes and the success of her hypnotherapy has been acknowledged by 3 of his consultants at GOSH."

Jo, Southend

Tom A, Essex

"After just finishing around 6 sessions, I would like to share my experience with Libby.
I originally booked in to see Libby with my fear of flying, being a light aircraft pilot, I could not enjoy the time that I spent in the air flying. After a couple of sessions on my fear, I then decided to have further sessions on the anxiety that I have had for the last 6/7 years.
After experiencing all kinds of anxiety & having CBT therapy & spending nearly £1,000 with other hypnotherapists, including a London hypnotherapist who I spend £350 on for 45 minuets with, I lost hope with hypnotherapy for my anxiety as it didn't seem to work.
Libby was always attentive & made me feel calm & relaxed. I decided to give hypnotherapy one last go for my anxiety & I'm really glad I did. My anxiety, for the first time in years, has basically been 'Zapped' out of me using different techniques that I didn't know existed. This has honestly really helped me overcome the anxiety that I was experiencing & I can now finally close that chapter in my life & look forward to the future again.
I would 100% see Libby again if anything else cropped up in my life that I needed help with & I think the 5 stars that was doesn't do enough justice for the experience I had with Libby. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone that needs help with something that's going on in their life that needs attention.
Again, thank you Libby."

Anya, Wivenhoe

"Libby is an excellent hypnotherapist. 4 sessions with her helped me more than 8 months of counselling. I suffered with terrible irrational anxiety for 11 years, it got even worse after the lockdown. It stopped me from doing things I love, socialising and being able enjoy things.
Libby spotted some details of my life and made me dig deeper, some sessions were harder than others but she made me feel at ease and relaxed. I feel so much better and we uncovered the cause of my anxiety, worked on it, as well as uncovered some confidence issues and also worked on that. All work was done on Zoom and it was great, I was in the comfort of my own home on a sofa with my cat.
If you want to give hypnotherapy a go, Libby is the right person."

NC, London

“Libby's clarity and vision session leaves you feeling super positive. You focus on your character strengths and visualise how you might practically implement these to lead your best life: a useful chance to reflect on where you are at in your life and remind you of what you are capable of. Libby guides you through a carefully constructed narrative that really helps focus on your inner self, leaving you with a boost and positive attitude that lingers long after the end of the session.
It's more than just a coaching session: Libby does not give you advice, she is there to help you follow your own narrative and embed it in your subconscious and I'm already looking forward towards becoming my best future self! It's also very practice-oriented, so I was able to come up with actual and achievable to-do's on a list that mean the results from the session are tangible.
As a one off session, this is a really useful, quick way to bring some clarity and encouragement to anyone, whether you are working through anything, or finding you need some reflection in the current climate, or are just curious to see what your most successful self might look like.”

KW, Colchester

“I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, could not have got through my pregnancy without Libby's help. All the worries and anxiety I had just drifted away and I feel much stronger for it now"

CC, Essex

"Libby helped my son with techniques to overcome his anxiety.  She is very caring, understanding and easy to talk to and my son's confidence has definitely grown since seeing Libby."

Tom D, Essex

“I used Libby's services for anxiety associated with public speaking. We focussed on a big event and I sailed through the event with little nerves and performed really well. Clearly it worked!”
My hypnotherapy experience with Libby was fantastic, she creates a relaxing and comfortable environment and knows exactly how to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. She also listened carefully and picks up on any other issues that she can help with. For me the treatment for PTSD has massively improved my life and I recommend it for anyone who is struggling and believes nothing can help. Not only do the sessions work, Libby also explains why and how they work on the brain which is very interesting but mainly helps you understand that things really can change for the better”.

IB, Essex

HW, Colchester

"I was at my wit's end with anxiety specifically about work when I went to see Libby. Libby listens so carefully and takes so much time to prepare your sessions specifically for you  that after only a few sessions I felt completely different and approached my work with a new confidence and calmness. I feel like a different person and without Libby's help, I could not have achieved all I have done and am about to in my working life or cope with work challenges that have happened along the way and I'm feeling so much better in every way. Thank you Libby."

RJ, Colchester

“I had been looking for a hypnotist for a long time when my osteopath recommended Libby. I immediately relaxed in her company and was able to focus on the issues I needed to come to terms with. She gave me the ability to recognize my difficult thoughts so I could stop them before they spiralled me down. She taught me techniques which I can use when I have to. Thanks to Libby I was able to regain my true my potential again."

AF, Essex

“Amazing! I had just five sessions and Libby worked wonders. She managed so effortlessly to get to the root of my concerns without ever probing me too far or making me feel uncomfortable about sharing information. She provides such a calm environment for you to chat and complete exercises that I felt so relaxed and comfortable. I couldn't have found somebody better to help me!”

SH, Colchester

“This time last year I was not in a good place mentally, my anxiety was at an all time high and I knew I had to do something before it totally consumed my life. It became apparent to me that every year around this time my mental health took a plummet and I vowed last year that it would be my last feeling like that. Not only for myself but for my husband and daughter something had to change.
Fast forward a year and I am a different person. My anxiety is now an insignificant part of my life. Of course I do have days where sometimes things catch me off guard but I now have the ability to control it rather than it control me. This year I have had a lot of time to reflect on things, and I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to you Libby for helping me when I didn't know how to help myself. The therapy you offer has simple helped changed my life and for that I cannot thank you enough. You approached me and my situation in a way which never made me feel silly and I had true faith that I knew you could help me.  So basically I am sending you this message to say THANK YOU”

Tim, Colchester

“Considering that, for me, the issues I was dealing with were very embarrassing and difficult, I found working with Libby surprisingly easy and relaxing. Her matter of fact manner and approach was soothing and encouraging. I have/had done a lot of talking therapy prior to this, but whilst my mind was in a place of understanding and relative peace with the traumas of my childhood, my body was not - I could still easily be triggered. For this reason, I had purposely sort out a combination of hypnotherapy and EMI to reduce this triggering experience. This proved to be helpful and for some of my issues, it was all that was needed. Some of the older stuff lingered, but the personalised hypnosis recording Libby gave me to take away allowed me to continue to work on them. That too has improved over time, though I plan to go back for a refresher session at some point to increase that.”

AM, Essex

“Hi I can't thank you enough, for the way in which you've helped me, I walked into my fist session feeling the lowest I've ever felt in my life, having panic attacks which I just couldn't seem to gain control of, I was desperate and didn't know  where to turn. But with your help and guidance over those few short weeks I feel that I have turned my life around and I'm in a more positive place than I can ever remember being. Thank you again Libby. I know I will be able to cope so much better in my life with the tools you've given me to move forward. I love tapping and use it almost daily. You've changed my life beyond belief and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

KM, Norwich

"I worked with Libby through my pregnancy with several hynobirthing sessions, and she was fantastic! Libby taught me the importance of breathing and using a mixture of relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness she helped lead me towards labour feeling calm and confident. She had a number of techniques which gave me a selection of really useful tools to take away with me, and I felt incredibly supported throughout the process.
Libby is an incredibly warm, open and friendly person, who makes you feel comfortable and at home from the get-go. I thoroughly recommend working with her to help or guide you through any stage you're at in you life - she offers such a smooth transition towards change!"

AF, Essex

“Libby has provided the best help I could have ever imagined. She has such a warm and comforting personality along with a cosy room setting, which joined together to make me feel instantly comfortable. With just five sessions dealing with my struggles with anxiety and depression, I feel unimaginably better and a new confident person. Thank-you so much Libby, I am so grateful to you!”

AG, Wivenhoe

“The tapping method Libby taught my daughter (11) has helped her with the enormous task of giving up thumb - sucking, which has been a huge issue, starting secondary school. More importantly, she has learned a life - skill that will help her through her young life, education and future situations.  We will always be grateful for Libby for sharing this with our daughter, what a wonderful asset to have. Thank you!”

SL, Essex

“Libby has really helped me begin to overcome long term depression and anxiety, I’ve started to see differences in my everyday life and this change has occurred with only a few sessions. I would 100% recommend.” 

Roger, Essex

“Helped to solve my sleeping problems with some simple suggestions I would never of thought of.
Also helped to put my mind on right track to help with sorting and dealing with certain actions, and to get me to recognise my strengths.

AK, Colchester

“I had four sessions with Libby and we did some extraordinary work.  We were able to address a problem I’ve had more or less my entire life.  Along the way I had some life changing revelations.  Libby is professional and effective, I whole heartedly recommend her.”

Sheila, Essex

“Libby is so patient and very helpful and explains the treatment program completely, I felt very comfortable in her presence.”

JF, Essex

“I saw you in the autumn & wanted to tell you that seeing you has helped me enormously. I felt better slowly but my wellbeing has really improved. You were so kind and patient, and it was such a relief to talk to you. Your help has made a massive difference to me. Thank you.”

JG, Ipswich

“Libby's absolute commitment is apparent from the start. It underpins her wise understanding and is central to the trust she inspires.”
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