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“I’m not good enough”

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

“I’m not good enough”

Sadly I hear this all too often, most of the time I hear it not in these words exactly but woven into the background of a client’s problem.

This kind of limiting belief about yourself can shape how you interact with the world. If you feel you are not good enough in the eyes of others, sometimes it might feel like there’s no point even trying or that you’re not worth trying for. Perhaps you give up on your dreams, allow your health to deteriorate, and many other subtle and not so subtle surrenders to what you come to feel is just your lot in life.

What was it that made you feel that for the first time? The time that got the ball rolling, when you were learning your place in the world. Sometimes these moments feel almost insignificant; so small, so uneventful, and yet they mark the beginning of a thought or feeling that can stay with us and build over an entire lifetime.

Luckily you don’t need to know how it began or how to fix it - our minds are amazing things and given the chance and some guidance, your mind knows exactly what needs to be done.

I feel very privileged to witness these transformations in my clients and the most exciting thing is what it means for the future. How will things be and feel different now for them? What will they do differently now that they know they are more than good enough and worth striving for?

What would you do differently?

Image by serkangoktay

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