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Do you dare to open up?

A few years ago helping women overcome traumatic childbirth experiences was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. I’ve worked as a hypnotherapist for 10 years and helped many people with a whole variety of problems but due to my own sense of failure when my first child’s birth ended in a very full on emergency C section, trauma relating to birth was just too close to home.

After taking far too long trying to sort my trauma out myself and then through my GP and local IAPT service, (who diagnosed PTSD), I finally realised it wasn’t getting any better and I needed to book some Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions. As I knew it would (from working with PTSD in my own clients), only 4 sessions later, I was feeling so much better and I could finally let go of the anger, sadness and disappointment that I’d been holding onto.

So why did it take me so long? There are lots of reasons, and maybe you share some of them: When you’re holding it together, just managing to function and focus on your child or children, it can feel very risky to open up - What will happen if you open the lid?

But in the end, the real question is

What will happen if you don’t?


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