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Anger?!🤬🤯😤Try this!!!

If you're ever overcome by anger and say or do things that you don't want to because of it, I've recently discovered this quick, practical way of instantly diffusing rage so that you can regain control and feel like yourself again.

It's called Willing Hands (ignore the name... ) and it's so simple but AMAZINGLY effective.

Open both hands, palms facing out/up.

Ideally do this while sitting and rest them on your thighs/ knees and allow your hands to relax.

That's it!!

It even works if you're so angry that you don't want to sit and can't relax your hands (I've tried it )

We naturally clench our fists and turn inwards when angry so being physically open makes it VERY difficult to stay angry. Give it a try next time something gets to you and see for yourself.

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