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Recent testimonials


"After just finishing around 6 sessions, I would like to share my experience with Libby.

I originally booked in to see Libby with my fear of flying, being a light aircraft pilot, I could not enjoy the time that I spent in the air flying. After a couple of sessions on my fear, I then decided to have further sessions on the anxiety that I have had for the last 6/7 years.

After experiencing all kinds of anxiety & having CBT therapy & spending nearly £1,000 with other hypnotherapists, including a London hypnotherapist who I spend £350 on for 45 minutes with, I lost hope with hypnotherapy for my anxiety as it didn't seem to work.

Libby was always attentive & made me feel calm & relaxed. I decided to give hypnotherapy one last go for my anxiety & I'm really glad I did. My anxiety, for the first time in years, has basically been 'Zapped' out of me using different techniques that I didn't know existed. This has honestly really helped me overcome the anxiety that I was experiencing & I can now finally close that chapter in my life & look forward to the future again.

I would 100% see Libby again if anything else cropped up in my life that I needed help with & I think the 5 stars that was doesn't do enough justice for the experience I had with Libby. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone that needs help with something that's going on in their life that needs attention.

Again, thank you Libby."

TA, Essex

Libby has really helped me begin to overcome long term depression and anxiety, I’ve started to see differences in my everyday life and this change has occurred with only a few sessions. I would 100% recommend. 

SL, Essex

'I can't thank you enough for the way in which you've helped me. I walked into my first session feeling the lowest I've ever felt in my life, having panic attacks which I just couldn't seem to gain control of, I was desperate and didn't know where to turn. But with your help and guidance over those few short weeks I feel that I have turned my life around and I'm in a more positive place than I can ever remember being. Thank you again Libby. I know I will be able to cope so much better in my life with the tools you've given me to move forward. You've changed my life beyond belief and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart'.

AM, Colchester

'I used Libby's services for anxiety associated with public speaking. We focussed on a big event and I sailed through the event with little nerves and performed really well. Clearly it worked!'

'I was at my wit's end with anxiety specifically about work when I went to see Libby. Libby listens so carefully and takes so much time to prepare your sessions specifically for you that after only a few sessions I felt completely different and approached my work with a new confidence and calmness. I feel like a different person and without Libby's help, I could not have achieved all I have done and am about to in my working life or cope with work challenges that have happened along the way and I'm feeling so much better in every way. Thank-you Libby.' 

HW, Colchester

TD, Colchester

'Considering that, for me, the issues I was dealing with were very embarrassing and difficult, I found working with Libby surprisingly easy and relaxing. Her matter of fact manner and approach was soothing and encouraging. I have/had done a lot of talking therapy prior to this, but whilst my mind was in a place of understanding and relative peace with the traumas of my childhood, my body was not - I could still easily be triggered. For this reason, I had purposely sort out a combination of hypnotherapy and eye movement integration therapy (EMI) to reduce this triggering experience. This proved to be helpful and for some of my issues, it was all that was needed. Some of the older stuff lingered, but the personalised hypnosis recording Libby gave me to take away allowed me to continue to work on them. That too has improved over time, though I plan to go back for a refresher session at some point to increase that.'.

Tim, Colchester

'I worked with Libby through my pregnancy with several hynobirthing sessions, and she was fantastic! Libby taught me the importance of breathing and using a mixture of relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness she helped lead me towards labour feeling calm and confident. She had a number of techniques which gave me a selection of really useful tools to take away with me, and I felt incredibly supported throughout the process.

Libby is an incredibly warm, open and friendly person, who makes you feel comfortable and at home from the get-go. I thoroughly recommend working with her to help or guide you through any stage you're at in you life - she offers such a smooth transition towards change!'

'I had been looking for a hypnotherapist for a long time when my osteopath recommended Libby. I immediately relaxed in her company and was able to focus on the issues I needed to come to terms with. She gave me the ability to recognise my difficult thoughts so I could stop them before they spiralled me down. She taught me techniques that I can use when I have to. Thanks to Libby I was able to regain my true potential'.  

RJ, Colchester

KM, Norwich

'Libby's absolute commitment is apparent from the start. It underpins her wise understanding and is central to the trust she inspires'. 

JG, Ipswich

'I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, could not have got through my pregnancy without Libby's help, all the worries and anxiety I had just drifted away and I feel much stronger for it now x'

KW, Colchester

'The tapping method Libby taught my daughter (11) has helped her with the enormous task of giving up thumb sucking, which has been a huge issue, starting secondary school. More importantly, she has learned a life skill that will help her through her young life, education and future situations.  We will always be grateful to Libby for sharing this with our daughter, what a wonderful asset to have. Thankyou!' 

AG, Wivenhoe

Libby's clarity and vision session leaves you feeling super positive. 

You focus on your character strengths and visualise how you might practically implement these to lead your best life: a useful chance to reflect on where you are at in your life and remind you of what you are capable of. 

Libby guides you through a carefully constructed narrative that really helps focus on your inner self, leaving you with a boost and positive attitude that lingers long after the end of the session. It's more than just a coaching session: Libby does not give you advice, she is there to help you follow your own narrative and embed it in your subconscious and I'm already looking forward towards becoming my best future self! It's also very practice-oriented, so I was able to come up with actual and achievable to-do's on a list that mean the results from the session are tangible. 

As a one off session, this is a really useful, quick way to bring some clarity and encouragement to anyone, whether you are working through anything, or finding you need some reflection in the current climate, or are just curious to see what your most successful self might look like.

NC, London

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